About the Project

This project by artist/filmmaker/photographer Nicholas Calvin Mwakatobe was born of a two-day workshop held from 15 to 17 July 2022 that was organised by Electric South, Ona Stories, and Black Rhino VR.

From all walks of life we are all affected by corruption. While we might have an option of talking about it or not, the consequences affect us all: from the quality of public infrastructure and access to jobs to health care, education, sports, and even travel.

As momentous a problem as it may seem, addressing corruption is our collective responsibility. And the best place to start is in our own homes and places of work, amongst friends and neighbors; sharing stories and lessons and our collective wishes for a better world without corruption. We all have a place in it.

Within this project a few people from Dar es Salaam, Tanzania were asked two questions:

1. What will a corruption-free society look like for you?

2. How can you be part of making that possible?

On October 17th 2022 the exhibition to showcase the work was held at Cafe Miko, Dar es Salaam. Members were public were invited, and the mugs were used to serve the drinks at the cafe.



The Exhibition day at Cafe Miko.

The Videos

The video were shot in different parts of the city featuring local artist and and a checker players in the Kinondoni neighbourhoods. The video were and the accompanying photos where then edited in Davinci Resolve and the uploaded on Blackterminusar and the results were presented as an AR experience whereby invited members of the public would scan photographs printed in coffee mugs and calenders, and got to see the videos.



Mzee kashaigiri



of the

Key Participants

Kikombe during filming of the Mugs of No Corruption at Kinondoni B, Dar es Salaam.

Chudo during filming of the Mugs of No Corruption at Kinondoni B, Dar es Salaam.

Mzee Kashaijiri and watching a checker's game during filming of the Mugs of No Corruption at Kinondoni, Dar es Salaam.

Irene, dancing at Karikoo market during filming of the Mugs of No Corruption at Kinondoni, Dar es Salaam.

Cofee Mugs Labels

The are the artworks, with a corresponding quote from the artists and participants, that were printed on the mugs.

The brochure design that was shared online to introduce and contextualize the exhibition to the public.

Behind the Scenes

Behind the Scene of the making of Mugs of No Corruption.


Animated GIF were used as primary poster to communicate and invite the public to the event. They provided a hint to the augmented nature of the exhibition by primarily displaying an image on the phone screen.


Directing/cinematography/ Artistic Direction: Nicholas Calvin Mwakatobe

Sound Recording/sound Mixing And Mastering: Victor John Tinga

Editing: Nicholas Mwakatobe And Aika Kirei

Graphic Design: Victor John Tinga

Motion graphics: Nicholas Calvin Mwakatobe

Accounting: Scola Mwambete

Guest Host: Rhoda Kambenga

Subtitle translation: Haikaeli Gilliard

Post Production Facility: PichaTime Studios

Printing: Mimossa Studios

Event Hosting: Cafe Miko

Musicians: Ally Omary Chacha (Chudo)

Abdallah Membe (Kikombe)

Contemporary Dancer: Irene Themistocles

Mzee Eustace Kashaigili

Special Thanks To

Regina Leichner

John Maziku, Mzeee Eustace Kashaigili, Andrew Lameck,

Kenedy Kaseke, Revocatus Tesha